About Beantown Foundation

A trans-media kid centric brand celebrating diversity and mental well being. In Beantown, all beans are different. Every bean brings something special to the community, and that is what makes it thrive.


The Green Beans

To create wholesome, inspirational, and value driven children’s content to entertain, inspire, and motivate today’s youth.

Beantown Pals is a wholesome brand of inspirational and value-driven children’s content that entertains, inspires, and motivates today’s youth.

The demographic we serve are children ages 4 to 10 years of age and their parents worldwide. Our mission is to inspire, entertain and empower kids by providing award-winning entertainment that will instill positive social values, build self-confidence, promote self-expression and encourage creative, imaginative play.

Our Mission

We need a whole-of-society effort to support children’s mental health. Mental health is no less important than physical health, and must be reflected in how we address and prioritize mental health. The Beantown Foundation recognizes this unprecedented need to support youth mental health and is committed to taking necessary action to do so.

Our Vision

Beantown Pals offers wholesome, inspirational and value driven children’s content to entertain, inspire, and motivate today’s youth. Our youth centric brand is built on a culture of living purposefully with a focus on becoming your greatest self. 

Our Story

How We Got Started

At age 13, Tom Hayes lost his leg to a rare form of cancer. He overcame his disability to become an accomplished swimmer, skier, cyclist, and sailor. His personal mission is to use his own life experiences and victories to inspire/empower children to lead happy, balanced, and fulfilling lives.

In 1986, Showtime Cable awarded him with, “Massachusetts’ Funniest Person”. Currently Tom remains a successful stand-up comic, corporate speaker, entrepreneur, writer and producer.

In 2006, eight time Emmy Award winning producer of Thomas the Tank Engine, Rick Siggelkow, joined the ranks to help develop the Beantown storyline and characters into a children’s animated series.

Where We Are Now

Beantown Pals was launched in 2011 and sold out in stores throughout New England. Following the Covid pandemic, Founder Thomas J Hayes established Wooden Leg Productions to relaunch the Beantown Brand in an effort to combat mental illness worldwide.

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Volunteering is the key to our success. If donating some of your time to positively impact the future of our nation seems appealling, please complete our volunteer form and discover how much you acutally GET BACK when you GIVE.

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Promoting Mental Wellness and Well Being 




Raising Funds to Promote Mental Health and Uplift Children Worldwide

Mental health is a key ingredient to living a quality life with the ability to cope, accept challenges, and elevate to the best version of oneself. Since the onset of Covid, the mental health crisis has exponentially overwhelmed citizens and healthcare systems worldwide. IN 2022, Beantown Pals, in partnership with the Beantown Foundation, was relaunched to combat the negative impact of mental illness. Our wholesome, inspirational, and value driven messaging motivate’s our youth to discover valuable life lessons, through positive storytelling. 

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If you are looking to work with our foundation to help raise awareness to combat mental health and to promote mental wellness, we would love to hear from you!

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We are a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 92-3198444